Photo Monika Bacardi on Strikingly

Monika Bacardi on Strikingly

Monika Bacardi on Strikingly

The worldwide marketplace has reaped the benefit of a robust slate of motion pictures that have been released by Andrea Iervolino and herself, through AMBI Pictures. "Fondation AVEC", "amfAR" (Making AIDS History Association) and the Monaco Red Cross are just some of the charities that she backs, along with carrying out oceanographic studies and being engaged in a variety of other philanthropic activities. Monika Bacardi (Découvrez le profil strikingly de Monika Bacardi) is a high-profile, well-known personality who, despite living in the Principality of Monaco, also spends much of her time in different parts of the Continent and in America. Monika Bacardi speaks French, German, English, Italian and Spanish and is thought to be one of the most influential businesswomen in the Arts sector today.

Monika Bacardi - Her Personal Life

She maintains that one should stay uplifted and attempt to live life with a smile. A deep sensitivity to environmentally friendly and social issues in her life are things that Monika Bacardi likes to voice. Lady Bacardi very much loves her work and, for that reason, it is also a great part of her personal life. Monika Bacardi spends some of her time at film galas, award ceremonies and charity events due to her popularity as a humanitarian and respected standing in the arts arena.

Seventh Art and Art - Monika Bacardi's Passions

Monika Bacardi is enthusiastic about photography and modern art, taking pleasure in the various creations of many photographers and artists. Monika Bacardi is part of the Monaco Project for the Arts, which helps to support the University of Plastic Arts and establish artistic partnerships in Monaco. Producing commercial films (and promoting the art) for audiences across the world is the aim of AMBI Pictures.

The distinguished 'PHOTO' magazine (which has been running since 1967) was bought by Monika Bacardi a few years back. Creating funding for, producing and disseminating movies to a worldwide market are things that she accomplishes in her role as co-founder and producer of the AMBI Group. The AMBI Group tries to do well in being a leading provider of mainstream motion pictures for studios and major distributors around the world. The running of 'PHOTO' magazine and AMBI Group occupy a lot of Monika Bacardi's work life.

Monika Bacardi and Charity

Monika Bacardi also encourages the prosperity of infants through AMADE-Monaco (Association Nationale Monégasque des Amis de l'Enfance). Lady Bacardi has always had consideration for humanity, which motivates her beneficent activities. Monika Bacardi is constantly involved with Monaco’s cultural and charitable pursuits. She helps to raise funds for causes related to social matters of special significance to her by supporting a great number of local charitable organisations.

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