Stephane Portha, a Video Game Maker by Trade

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Photo Stephane Portha, a Video Game Maker by Trade

At only six, he discovered the passion that will animate his life. A passion that has pushed him to cross all the levels of his professional life. This passion was triggered with the game Pong.

A very popular game at the time and which made several children addicted. However instead of only playing for hours every day, Stephane Portha was so curious that he looked at how the game worked.

Therefore, he has developed a passion for video games early in his childhood. And later on, he has settled in video game industry. Stephane Portha has endeavored all his life to be the best in this industry, and he has never stopped in his endeavor.

Determination and passion are his leitmotifs

With the goal of succeeding at all costs in the world of video games, at only 14 years old, he created his first game. A game he put together thanks to the archaic means of the time. For this, he has helped machines Sharp PC-1211 and ZW81. And even with such simple means, the game was successful.

It is especially fluid and entertaining. He had never had any training on video games nor on technology; however, he managed this master stroke. He is a real genius.

Spotting very quickly for this unique knowledge, he entered the big leagues as fast. He acquired all skills to become an entrepreneur. After years of being a simple employee for large companies, he created his own Eurocenter, a company which propelled him.

A very good résumé

Before becoming an entrepreneur, and especially at the head of Eurocenter, he worked with several big names in the digital world. Not only worked but especially collaborated. His résumé was so impressing. He had good references and know-hows all of which contributed to his success to climb the ladder. Among the companies where he learned, there are:

  •  Linux
  •  Neogeo
  •  Inmob

GraalOnline: his grail

Eurocenter debuted with the game GraalOnline. More specifically, GraalOnline was the first game launched by Eurocenter. Still today a reference in the world of video games, it is a game that almost all gamers know.

Launched in 1998, GraalOnline was indeed very successful and found its audience very quickly. The success of the game is due to its multiplayer mode. This opus is one of the first offering the game mode to many of the same time.

With this great success of GraalOnlie, Stephane Portha quickly realized that video games represented the future. So, he decided to concentrate his professional work on his passion. He transformed Eurocenter into Eurocenter Games.

The successes of Eurocenter Games are numerous. Namely this firm participated in the implementation of the first mobile games on the App Store. Nevertheless, the success of the firm is due to the different versions of GraalOnline. Versions of which Stéphane Portha is the main instigator. Among its new versions we can mention:

  •  GraalOnline classical +, the kingdom building game that allows players to manage their own medieval paradise
  •  GraalOnline Zone +, the game of discovery that allows you to push the limits of the world and to conquer space
  •  Era +; the most popular game of young people at its release, a game that combines gang warfare and property in an urban world.